Interview Questions

Salesforce Interview Question

1. What is the maximum size of the list?
2. What are the map methods in Apex?
3. What is SOQL?
4. What is SOSL?
5. Salesforce Soql And Sosl Governor Limits?
6. Difference between insert and Database.insert?
7. What are the DML statements available in Apex?
8. Governor Limits for DML statements?
9. What are the trigger events?
10. When to use before triggers and when to use after triggers?
11. What are the trigger context variables?
12. What is the difference between and trigger.old
13. Availability of trigger.old and for the different trigger events?
14. Read/Write accessibility of trigger.old and
15. What are the recursive triggers and how to avoid?
16. What is the order of execution in salesforce?
17. How to restrict any Trigger to fire only once?
18. What is Batch Apex?
19. What are the Batch Apex methods?
20. How to schedule a batch apex?
21. How to maintain the state between the methods of batch class?
22. Is it possible to call batch class from one more batch class?
23. Is it possible to call future method from a batch class?
24. How to cover the code for a batch class?
25. How many batch jobs can be queued at a time?
26. What is the purpose of writing the test class?
27. Is it possible to write test code inside of an apex class or apex trigger?
28. What is the purpose of seeAllData?
29. What is the purpose of Test.startTest () and Test.stopTest ()?
30. What is the purpose of system.runAs ()?
31. What is the purpose of Test.isRunningTest()?
32. What is the purpose of @TestVisible
33. What are the test class best approaches
34. How to manage Salesforce Governor Limits
35. What is the purpose of Limits Methods in Apex?
36. Difference between Queueable and Future Method?
37. What is the difference between system mode (system context) and user mode (user context)?
38. What are the types of controllers available for the visualforce page?
39. What is View State?
40. How to resolve ViewStae error?
41. What is Static Resources?
42. What is the defference between Static Resources and Documents
43. How to display error messages on VF page
44. What is the difference between dataTable and pageBlockTable
45. How to display more records beyond the supported limit on the VF page
46. What is the difference between inputText and inputField?
47. What is the difference between outputText and outputField?
48. What is pagination and what are the ways to achieve it?
49. What is Wrapper Class?
50. What are the custom labels?
51. What are the Custom Settings?
52. Difference between Action Support and ActionFunction?
53. What is JavaScript Remoting?
54. Difference between JavaScript Remoting and ActionFunction?
55. What is the difference between rendered, rerender, renderAs and contentType?
56. What is button overriding?
57. What are the inline visualforce pages?
58. What is the use of immediate attribute?
59. How many ways we can pass the parameters
60. What is the order of execution of VF page?
61. What is Sandbox URL?
62. What is Production URL
63. What is web-to-lead?
64. What is Queue?
65. What is public group?
66. What is Assignment rules?
67. What is Auto-Response Rules?
68. What are the Escalation rules?
69. Is it possible to delete junction – Object in case of Mater – Detail Relationship?
70. Is it possible to convert Mater – Detail Relationship to Look up Relationship?
71. What will happen if we undelete the deleted Junction Object?
72. Is it possible to delete the user in salesforce?
73. How to provide security for the Records (Instance)?
74. How many users are there in your project?
75. What is Profile?
76. What is permission set?
77. What is role?
78. What is OWD?
79. What is Apex sharing ?
80. What is Data Loader?
81. What is Import wizard?
82. What is Data Loader?
83. Which operations we can perform on dataloader?
84. How to insert null values into dataloader?
85. How many ways we can made field is required?
86. What is external ID?
87. Maximum batch size of data loader?
88. What are the different kinds of evaluation criteria?
89. What are the actions can be performed using Workflows?
90. What are the types of email templates?
91. What is recursive workflow rule? How to avoid recursive workflow rules
92. What are the types of Reports?
93. How many blocks we can create for join reports?
94. How many maximum groupings we can do for summary, matrix and join reports?
95. What is bucketing in reports?
96. How many records we can display on page for a report?
97. What are the Record Types?